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I am SSI freefive Instructor level 2 Tatiana Borisova.I live and work in Vietnam, Nha Trang.I organized freedive trip in Indonesia in June. 

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17-30 of June 2019.

Jakarta- Yogyakarta- Togean Islands (Gulf of Tomini, Sulawesi).

The underwater world of Indonesia is incredibly rich and diverse. Together with Raja Ampat archipelago, Togean Islands are two top spots in Indonesia in terms of marine biodivercity. Togeans are located in Gulf of Tomini, in the northern part of Sulawesi island. The place is famous about divers however low accessibility is a reason why still only few visitors reaching this underwater paradise.

our teaching team

Tatiana Borisova

SSI Freedive Instructor Level 2

Born in Nakhodka, Russia, Tatiana always wanted to explore the seas and marine life. Recently her wish came true. Now she teaches people how to connect with water in Vietnam and Russia. She organizes trips to different countries to dive deep, to swim with whales and whale sharks, dolphins. She proved to herself and to everyone that everything is possible.




Alexandra Kiseleva

SSI Freedive Instructor Level 1

Alexandra started training since 2012, when she received her first freediving DVD. She passed her level one in Koh Tao, Thailand and less then a year later she became an SSI Freedive instructor. While learning to freedive, she found new resources of strength and inspiration. She found a way to combine work and her passion for the ocean.




Cost for participants $1700

  • Included in the price:
    all trainings, sertifications for level 1, level 2 or level 3,
  • accommodation in double rooms of hotels 3*** with breakfast
  • full board (3 meals a day) and accommodation in double bungalows on Togeans
  • entrance tickets, fees, fees to national parks.


  1. All guests are expected to arrive to Jakarta no later than  17th of june
  2. June 18th 9:45 a.m. Air Asia Jakarta – Yogyakarta.
  3. June 19th 8:10 p.m. Garuda  Yogyakarta–Makassar (one ticket Yogyakarta–Makassar-Gorontalo).
  4. June 20th 11:30 a.m. Garuda  Makassar – – Gorontalo.
  5. June 30th 11:15 a.m. Batic Air Gorontalo–Jakarta.

All this tickets in Indonesia will cost about 400 USD. I can help you to by it.


Day 1 -June 17

Once arrived to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia,traveller s meet with the guide. During all the period of the journey, the group will be guided by experienced tour leader, who has been living in the country for 5 years, studied javanese palace arts, is fluent in Indonesian and knows everything about local life, indonesian history and culture, is the one, whobcan introduce you to the country better than anyone else.

Day 2-June 18

We are taking a flight to Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of the country. Transfer to the hotel in the area of Borobudur temple, chek-in, rest. After lunch, we will go on a bicycle ride through the surrounding villages: it’s one of the most authentic places in Java: rice fields, mango, papaya, banana gardens, coconut alleys, pottery workshops– a perfect place to start immersion ito Indonesia, take a rest after flights and fully charge your battery before an intensive freediving program.

Day 3- June 19

Before sunrise, around 4:30, we will go to the hill of Setumbu, to witness a magnificent sun ascending above Borobudur temple and huge 3000m+ high Merapi and Merbabu volcanos. After we are going to visit Borobudur itself. This monument of architecture will impress even the most demanding travelers: a huge building decorated with more than 5,000 panels carved in stone. After we’ll take some rest in the hotel. Around noon, we will check out from the hotel and drive to another magnificent temple of the 9th century- Prambanan. After visiting this masterpiece of Hindu architecture, we will have dinner while enjoying the sunset with all Yogyakarta city as a background. Evening flight to the city of Makassar, overnight at the airport hotel–our way to Togeans starts here. Overnight in the hotel, situated in the airport building.

Day 4- June 20

Morning flight from Makassar to Gorontalo(the biggest city on the Gulf Tomini).Transfer to the hotel. After few rest we will go toba beach, not far from Gorontalo, the place where amazing sea creatures, whale sharks are cruizing at certain time of the year. These biggest fish on the planet a eating plancton and small sea animals are harmless for humans. Is a dream of every freediver to see them. Here we meet a wild nature, so the main thing is to respec the rnvironment, in case of whale sharks we should behave as pure observers. Hopefully we’ll be lucky and meet sharks this day. Overnight in Gorontalo.

Day 5- June 21

Transfer from the hotel to the coastal village of Marisa(around 3 hours) , here we get on boat and head to Una- Una island, which would be our freediving base camp for next 4 days. Will arrive to the islanf in the afternoon, once we are on the island you can swim in the warm sea water, now this luxury is available for us 24 hours a day.

Day 6, 7, 8- June 22, 23, 24
This days we will have intense workouts in the open water. Depths in the vicinity of Una-Una allow to freedive to the depth up to 40- 50 m. After lunch, we will have fun dive sessions on local reefs, or walk around this lovely volcanic island. We will stay in comfortable houses on the beach with hot water, air conditioners and access to WI-FI (is a kind of treasure here in Togean Islands, dony expect much, but whatsapp message or an email is more than possible). 
Day 8- June 25

On this day, scheduled rest from freediving and any physical activities. For those who still hace lots of enrrgy, there is an option to hike an active volcano, just here on the island. After lunch, we will move to another island, Malenge, closer to the center of life on Togeans. Check in at the hotel, rest.

Day 9-11 June 26, 27, 28

We will stay in bungalow on a small island not far from tge capital of Togean islands. There will be time for deep freediving sessions, fundiving on fabulous coral reefs, walking around the island, traveling to sea Gypsies(thats a special thing to do, these people are living in the houses built literary on the water, will freedive to the lake with millions of harmless jellyfish, just chill on the sandy beaches doing nothing.

Day 12- June 29
In the morning of this day we will return to  Sulawesi, to the harbour of Marisa first and then to Gorontalo. This time we will dive with whale sharks again, this is a kind of fun you will never refuse from. 
Day 13-June 30

Flight to Jakarta and then back home.

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