FUn Freediving:$55

Departure by boat to the sea and conducting 2 free-diving sessions with an instructor in deep water are possible after taking the SSI Freediving level 1 course or the identical course of other certification systems. During these freediving sessions, you resume your freediving skills, the instructor helps you work on improving the skills of the correct technique in various disciplines and is responsible for your safety.


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Itinerary for the day:

The day starts at 7:20 in the dive center. The bus brings you to the port, where the instructor meets you and goes with you on a boat to the vicinity of Moon Island, where you dive at depths of 10 to 40 meters, depending on your qualifications.
Return to the port at 13-14 hours. On the boat there are drinks, food, toilet.
Fun freediving price 50 USD. The price includes the rental of equipment, payment of the transfer, the work of the instructor, underwater photography.


Take snorkeling to the next level and learn how to freedive!
Join us in our freediving courses in Vietnam and you’ll swim like a fish amidst Vietnam marvelous marine life.


Freediving with SSI
What is Freediving?
Do i need have my own equipment to attend the course?
What is include?
Freediving with SSI

We offer freediving courses through SSI. This agency has been providing diver training internationally since the 70s, and in the last decade their popularity has grown exponentially.

It’s an agency represented worldwide, so when you complete a freediving course with Bezz Diving you will get an internationally recognised freediving certification.

SSI focus on knowledge and experience; that’s why all courses consist of both a theory and a practical part. In addition, their philosophy is to be in harmony with the environment, offering all courses online, so you can complete the theory component from your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Let’s save some trees!

What is Freediving?

Freediving is defined as the discipline where you dive to different depths either in the sea or in a pool, holding your breath, without help from any breathing device.

Do i need have my own equipment to attend the course?

At Deep People we know from experience that people freediving for the first time don’t usually have their own equipment. That’s why every course includes rental of wetsuit, mask, snorkel , fins and weights.
Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own equipment and use it during the course!

What is include?

  • Equipment
  • Digital materials
  • Certification
  • Underwater photography