You heard about freediving and thought about trying yourself in this interesting, unusual and very fascinating form of activity, but you are still not very sure that you are able to dive on holding your breath like others, in your opinion, SUPER PEOPLE.
A TRY  freediving course gives you the opportunity to open the veil of secrecy over your innate abilities to dive with one breath.
Each person has a Mammalian Diving Reflex. This reflex is always with you and your body is always ready to launch those mechanisms that will help you hold your breath and enjoy the magnificence of the underwater world, using only a mask and fins.

A TRY FREEDIVING COURSE is a one-day course conducted with an instructor in deep water. You will learn how the mammalian diving reflex is turned on and how it helps hold your breath for enough time to dive to depths of 5-10 meters.
On the way to the place of diving, Hong Moon Island on a large boat (journey time about 45 minutes), you will learn how to breathe right before diving, how to restore breathing after a dive, practice equalizing (methods to equalize the pressure in air cavities), try on equipment for freediving.
Upon arrival at the dive, you will have two freediving sessions at the sea, near the coral reefs, each for 1 hour to apply the acquired skills and practice of free immersion with rope and by fins.
Already at the second Divsession, you can dive to a depth of 5-10 meters, with one breath and enjoy the strength and capabilities of your body, soar in blue zero gravity, observing the life of underwater inhabitants in their natural environment!

A TRY FREEDIVING COURSE can also be your first day at SSI FREEDIVING LEVEL 1, if you realize that freediving is for YOU! You can extend the training for 1 day,
having paid up to the cost of the LEVEL 1 course and get an international certificate, allowing you to continue your education in freediving and develop your abilities.

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